Why Quality Assurance is a great career choice

March 18, 2024

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Stoil Stoychev
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In the Software industry, Quality Assurance (QA) often seems to take a backseat, overshadowed by the more visible acts of coding and product development. But QA is, quite literally, a life-or-death matter in software. Despite the AI advances, every software organisation still eventually needs a dedicated QA professional. And in a tough job market, it’s much easier to stand out as a skilled QA than in development.

The Life-Saving Importance of QA

QA saves lives. Look no further than the chilling example of the Therac-25.

Famously (notoriously?) faulty software in radiation therapy machines led to patients receiving massive overdoses of radiation, endangering their lives. A stark reminder of the real-world consequences of software errors.

Sure, not every example of QA failure is as dramatic as the Therac-25 incidents. But software is pervasive in our daily lives, from the applications we use to manage our personal finances to the systems that run critical infrastructure. In every instance, assuring that software works as intended is a non-negotiable aspect of software engineering. Quality is king.

The Unassuming Path to Distinction

Careers in software development may appear more glamorous. Supposedly it’s more “creative”. Is that always a good thing? The less conspicuous nature of QA offers a unique advantage — it’s easier to stand out. For those just starting their careers, the field of Quality Assurance provides a lower entry barrier. With less initial context required than that of software developers, new QA professionals can quickly contribute value to their teams. Rapid onboarding allows newcomers to become respected, irreplaceable members of their organizations quickly. This is a really good thing in a tough job market.

The Inevitability of QA

Once a software company expands beyond a certain threshold, which in my experience is around 10 people, the need for a dedicated Quality Assurance person becomes undeniable. There’s simply no substitute for the specialized focus and expertise that a QA professional brings to the table.

The Future-Proof Nature of QA

With the rapid raise of AI is QA going away? In short: “NO”. As long as there are human users interacting with software, there will be a need for human QA professionals to accurately test and validate the end-user experience. Far from being replaced by AI, QA professionals are empowered by these technological advancements. With AI and automation tools, QA teams can create and execute test scenarios more efficiently and comprehensively.

A good QA is worth their weight in gold

Despite all of its importance, the QA field often doesn’t get the recognition it deserves, leading to professional turnover. This turnover contributes to a scarcity of skilled QA talent. Good QAs move on to better opportunities within the organisation or elsewhere. A Good Quality Assurance Engineer or Software Engineer in Test is indeed worth their weight in gold.

Launching a QA Career without experience

QA is the easiest way to get into the software industry without prior experience. You can start as a manual tester and immediately start bring great value to your organisation. From there, you can grow into a test automation role, and eventually into a QA leadership role. The junior positions we have on our website are a good place to start.

In conclusion, choosing a career in Quality Assurance offers a unique blend of challenges and rewards. It presents an opportunity to make a significant impact on the safety, reliability, and overall success of software products. While it may not always share the glamour of software development, QA is a field where dedicated professionals can truly stand out and make a difference and enjoy job security and respect.