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Crypto QA Automation Engineer




Tirana, Albania


Token Metrics is in search of a seasoned professional to fill the role of Senior QA Engineer responsible for managing the Quality Assurance team. The key responsibilities include overseeing all processes related to software and product testing, developing test strategies, creating test documentation, fault identification, and reviewing QA reports. An exceptional Senior QA Engineer should possess a wealth of experience in analytics, problem-solving, and project management to ensure the efficient operations of the QA department and enhance customer satisfaction.


  • Collaborate with software/product designers to establish quality assurance parameters.
  • Lead the QA team in the development of QA test procedures and frameworks.
  • Supervise the drafting of testing documents.
  • Implement and monitor testing procedures throughout the QA process.
  • Address quality issues, adjust test procedures as necessary, and conduct analysis on product specifications.
  • Review Quality Assurance reports to identify and address problematic areas.
  • Ensure the successful deployment of products in the market.
  • Responsively handle requests from the design team and management.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or relevant field.
  • Previous experience in a QA Engineer role.
  • Proficiency in advanced programming skills, including automation systems and databases.
  • In-depth understanding of application functions, bug fixing, and testing protocols.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Previous managerial experience is desirable.
  • Excellent analytical and critical thinking skills combined with attention to detail.

About Token Metrics Token Metrics utilizes artificial intelligence to assist crypto investors in constructing profitable portfolios through crypto indices, rankings, and price predictions. The company has a diverse client base ranging from retail investors and traders to crypto fund managers across more than 50 countries.