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QA Engineer (Remote in USA)






Messari is the leading provider of crypto market intelligence products that help professionals navigate crypto/Web3 with confidence. We bring transparency and smarter qualitative and quantitative analytics to the industry by combining a global research database with a comprehensive suite of data visualization and asset discovery tools. We help drive smarter participation in crypto from individuals and institutions alike.

The name “Messari” came from the Franciscan monks who declared "clean books" a moral imperative during the renaissance and pushed merchants to use proper accounting methods.  This led to the flourishing of investment via "trust but verify" methods and industry growth throughout Europe. That's what we aim to do. Provide participants, investors, builders, platforms, and everyone else with reliable information to better participate in the crypto ecosystem.

Our users range from some of the most prominent analysts, investors, and crypto individuals to top organizations including Coinbase, BitGo, Anchorage, 0x, Chainanalysis, Ledger, Compound, MakerDAO, and many more.

The Role

Messari is seeking a skilled QA Automation Engineer to strengthen our market data team's capabilities. This role is designed for someone with a meticulous eye for detail and familiarity with SQL and Python, essential for crafting and executing automated tests for our data products as well as building and maintaining QA tools and dashboards. Collaborating closely with our engineering and product teams, you'll play a critical role in maintaining the quality and integrity of our data.

Please note that at this moment we can only hire US-based candidates for this role. To be considered, please answer the questions that are part of the application.

What you'll do

  • Design, develop, and maintain a robust QA automation framework to support high-quality data products and software tools.
  • Contribute to building alarming and monitoring tools to increase visibility into system health and make sure teams are notified of any issues in a timely manner.
  • Work closely with other teams to perform root cause analysis, identify broad trends and perform corrective actions.
  • Write and execute automated tests using SQL and Python, ensuring comprehensive coverage from unit to integration tests.
  • Integrate automated testing into the CI/CD pipeline, facilitating a streamlined development process and early detection of issues.
  • Collaborate with engineering and product to refine, improve, and automate existing QA workflows.
  • Analyze test results, document bugs, and work closely with the team to prioritize and fix issues in a timely manner.
  • Continuously update and expand test automation to cover new features and functionalities, keeping pace with rapid product development.
  • Lead initiatives to improve QA processes, tools, and methodologies, driving efficiencies and enhancing the quality of our products.

Who you are

  • Possess a detail-oriented mindset with a passion for automating processes and ensuring high standards of quality.
  • Have built dashboards for QA in the past in order to sanitize and monitor large amounts of data.
  • Extremely strong QA mindset, ability to quickly ideate on how to break things and find issues with complicated systems.
  • Experience working with large amounts of data.
  • Experience with software QA methodologies, tools, and processes, particularly within an automated testing environment.
  • Familiar with blockchain data and the broader crypto ecosystem.
  • Demonstrated ability to design and implement effective testing strategies for complex data and software systems.
  • Strong communication skills, capable of articulating technical issues and collaborating with a cross-functional team to address them.

Nice to Have

  • A passion for and understanding of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.
  • Proficiency in SQL, Python and Hex, with a proven track record of utilizing these languages for developing automated tests.
  • Experience in a fast-paced, high-growth tech environment, particularly within the fintech or crypto industries.
  • Experience with Go and/or Rust programming languages.
  • Based in (or willing to work) North American hours.

Projects You Could Work On:

  • Developing an end-to-end automated testing system for real-time blockchain transaction processing.
  • Implementing advanced testing frameworks to simulate various blockchain network conditions, assessing product resilience and performance.