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Quality Assurance Engineer




Cochin, India

Role description :

As a Quality Assurance Engineer at Talrop, you play a crucial role in ensuring the quality and reliability of our software products.

Qualifications :

Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Engineering or a related field (or equivalent experience).

Experience in conducting regression testing.

Responsibilities :

Develop comprehensive test plans based on project requirements. Execute manual test cases to validate software functionality.

Identify, document and track defects thoroughly using designated tools. Provide detailed defect reports and collaborate with development teams for resolution.

Conduct regression testing to ensure that new features or changes do not adversely affect existing functionality.

Work closely with developers, product managers and other stakeholders to understand project requirements. Collaborate effectively with cross functional teams to deliver high quality software.

Participate in performance testing activities to ensure software scalability, reliability and responsiveness.

Actively participate in process improvement initiatives to enhance the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the QA process.

Share knowledge and expertise with team members, contributing to the professional development of the QA team.

Skills Required :

Strong proficiency in various testing methodologies, test planning and execution.

Experience with manual testing and test case execution. Familiarity with defect tracking tools and processes.

Excellent communication and collaboration skills to work effectively within a team.

Proactive attitude towards learning new technologies and staying updated with industry trends.